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To get free Ethereum, you can mine with dedicated mining hardware, or use your computer, or you can use a cloud mining service. However, there are also other ways to earn free Ethereum that you may not know about if you’re new to the cryptocurrency world. An ETH faucet is a fast and easy way to start earning Ethereum right away, just add your wallet address and watch the coin roll in.

You can also receive coin by completing certain tasks, such as downloading and playing games, visiting sites, answering surveys, and watching videos.

Earning with an ETH Faucet

Below you’ll find a great selection of Ethereum earning sites and faucets. When you visit each site, just follow the instructions to complete the task and collect your free coin. Typically, it’s as easy as just copying and pasting your ETH address in the wallet field and filling out the captcha.

These faucets are the main way you can get free coin without investment or any hardware. Many cryptocurrency pros believe that these faucets can be the easiest way to gather coin online, as long as you know where to go and how to determine if the faucet is legitimate.

You can earn a decent amount of coin as long as you’re consistent and prepared to dedicate your time to earning cryptocurrency.

An Ethereum faucet is a site or page that’s created to reward people for visiting a site. These faucets make coin by publishing ads on their sites.

Claiming coin from a faucet is a fast process. Visit a free ETH faucet site, follow the claim instructions, enter your public address, solve the captcha and click on the claim to instantly receive coin in your wallet.

Ethereum Faucet Rules

There’s a restriction on the number of times you’re allowed to claim coin from each faucet. Additionally, there’s also a set time interval that is put in place by each faucet. Each faucet will allow a user to claim more coins after the completion of the fixed time gap.

Currently, there are five, ten, fifteen, thirty, and sixty-minute faucets.

Remember, before you can claim your coin you need to use your public wallet address where you normally store your ETH. The wallet address is also what’s used to sign up with most of the faucet sites. Some faucets will also request your email address.

You can use a micropayment service or micro wallet to accumulate your ETH. With a micro wallet, you can reduce the transaction fees that are paid to miners and it can also protect you from a scam faucet.

Faucets that use a micropayment service instantly pay up and the claimed coin will go to the wallet address that is attached to the micro wallet or micropayment service.  Think of both options as sort of an extra layer of protection against scammers.

When you first start hunting for free ETH, you’ll quickly realize that you aren’t making very much. But if you hang in there and consistently claim your coin every one to two hours, by the end of the month you’ll have close to one ETH. And with the price of ETH increasing daily, this is a big deal.

Just last year, ETH was priced at just eighty dollars, but currently, it’s hovering at around nine hundred. As you can see, even capturing a share of ETH is worth it.

The Best Sites to Earn ETH

free ethereum optionsMakeculous: Considered more of a GPT site than a faucet, this site will give visitors a few ways to get free coin. The CPA-GPT section on the site has a few different categories, such as purchase offers, trials, paid surveys, and email submits, all of which you can sign up for in order to get free coin. This section has two tabs. The daily tab contains the surveys only, while the other tab is for all the other offers. Site visitors can complete the paid surveys several times a day while the offers in the other tab can only be completed once a day.

Surveys for Free Coin

To complete a paid survey, just click on the title of the survey and you’ll be redirected to the new page where the survey is loaded. Each survey features a number of questions that you have to read and answer. Once a survey has been completed, your account is credited automatically. Some sites will allow you to choose from other types of cryptocurrency including litecoins, ripple, and dash.

Offer Wall

The offer wall section features different types of offers from a variety of advertisers and it will help you to earn more points if you complete the offers. You can also increase earning potential if you complete different types of offer walls.


Watch available videos to get free ETH. Each video will award you a certain amount of coin.

Referral System

You can earn coin by referring other members using a link. Use a referral link and invite friends, or you can advertise your link on a social site and enjoy ten percent commission.

Faucet Section

In this section, you can quickly claim your free ETH.


This is another top paying faucet that will fork over free ETH. They also offer a thirty-five percent lifetime referral commission.

To earn even more coin you can play their hi-lo game. This is where you can increase your coin by multiplying them.

You can also enter the weekly lottery faucet contest. With every claim, you’ll get a couple of raffle tickets which can be used to take part in the lottery.

Other Legit ETH Faucets to Try Out

We also recommend checking out the following faucets:

  • Digital Gain faucet

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some great, legit ways you can scoop up some free coin, with very minimal effort.

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